Purposes of the Federation

Muaythai Australia (MTA) is the peak governing for the sport of Muaythai in Australia. The MTA and is the only Muaythai organisation that is recognised by the Federal Government, Australian Sports Commission  (AUSSPORT) as being the NSO (National Sporting Organisation) for Muaythai. The MTA is a not for profit organisation, specifically established and run, to promote the sport and art of Muaythai in Australia. It is the only Muaythai organisation that is endorsed by the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA). The MTA, under the international body of IFMA is an IOC recognised sport with Olympic recognition. The WMC is now amalgamated with IFMA. 

The MTA registers clubs and individuals in Australia in order to promote and develop Muaythai participation and competition. The MTA endorses competition promoters throughout Australia and also conducts their own competitions for selection of state and national teams for international competitions. The MTA selects through competition and rankings Australian Teams for world championships and other international IOC events.

The MTA has junior, female, and male development programs Australia wide. For Muaythai competition and also the benefits of Muaythai as a martial art and fitness pursuit. 

Muaythai member clubs are recognised by the MTA as credible and authentic Muaythai training centres that follow the policies and procedures of the Australian Sports Commission, the MTA, IFMA, and WADA. 

The purposes for which the Federation is established are to: (extracted from the constitution). 

(a) create a single uniform entity through and by which the sport and the art of Muaythai can be conducted, promoted and administered in and throughout Australia;

(b) provide for the conduct, encouragement, promotion and administration of Muaythai through and by various State organisations;

(c) affiliate and otherwise liaise with the World Muaythai Council, International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, the Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Olympic Council in the pursuit of these purposes and the art of Muaythai;

(d) conduct, encourage, promote, advance, standardise and develop Muaythai in Australia;

(e) ensure that a high standard of Muaythai is maintained;

(f) develop a sense of sportsmanship and a high degree of proficiency in practitioners of Muaythai;

(g) enable practitioners to achieve a high level of physical and mental fitness through the teaching and practice of Muaythai;

(h) use and protect the Intellectual Property, of the Federation including but not limited to logos, trademarks, copyright and names in any equipment, product, publication or event developed by the Federation;

(i) collect, distribute and publish information in connection with Muaythai and international tournaments and competitions;

(j) strive for Governmental, commercial and public recognition of the Federation and Muaythai;

(k) promulgate, and secure uniformity in, such Rules and Regulations as may be necessary for the management and control of Muaythai and related activities;

(l) further develop the Federation into an organised institution and with these purposes in view, to foster, regulate, organise and manage examinations, competitions, displays and other activities and to issue badges, medallions and certificates and award trophies to successful members;

(m) promote the health and safety of members;

(n) encourage members to realise their potential and athletic abilities by extending to them the opportunity of education and participation in Muaythai;

(o) encourage and promote performance-enhancing drug free competition; and

(p) undertake and or do all such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these purposes.