Australian Muaythai Rankings - Coming Soon. 

The MTA is working on implementing a rankings system for everyone that competes at Muaythai. 

The MTA will manage the rankings for every to see and use. It will involve. (proposal only) 

1. Being set up as a 'ranking member' and entering your personal data. Anyone that wants to be ranked will need to register to have a profile.  

2. Establishing a base ranking system that is nation wide. For everyone from Fight one. This starts on development days, novice bouts and will create a deep ranking system. 

3. Rankings will be maintained by promoters sending results to the MTA to be updated for every show, every Muaythai fight. 

4. Everyone will be rnaked by points. Points will be given for all Novice and Professioanl Muaythai bouts on any sanction with any promoter and divided as such:

2 min Muaythai bouts will be; 3 win - 2 draw - 1 loss. 3 min round Muaythai bouts will be 4 win - 3 draw - 2 loss. 

Professional Atheltes will have a (P) beside their name. It does not matter what you are registered as, it only matters what you compete as, If you are competting with 2 or 3 min rounds. Only Muaythai bouts are scored.  Mod Thai bouts are only scored as 2 min (amatuer bouts) regardless of round times. We will also try and have a system that if you defeat someone ranked higher than you, you go one spot above them. 

For MTA - WMC titles, the rankings are key for who earns the opportunity to compete for a title and what level that title can be at. 

Feedback welcome: