MTA Member Benefits include:

  • Rankings for fighters. 
  • Opportunity to compete on MTA shows nation wide for your club members. Including nationals and state titles. 
  • Your club can fight for prestigous MTA amatuer and National titles for high ranked fighters. The most credible titles in Australia because they are voted on by a board, only top ranked fighters are approved. Titltes are not picked by the prompter, only hosted to ensure the best fighters get the opportunities, and a shot at the most credible titles in Muaythai - The WMC.  
  • Opportunity to representthe true sports commission recognised Australia Muaythai team, at IFMA Games and other international competitions.
  • Be a member of the peak body for Muaythai in Australia. The only Muaythai organisation recognised by the Sports Commission and the official representative ( previously World Muaythai Council (WMC)) and International Federation of Muaythai Association (IFMA) in Australia.
  • Ability to enter MTA Nationals for juniors and seniors. Held each year to select the Australian Teams and to be crowned Australian MTA Champion.
  • Be a member of the only not for profit organisation run by members, for members to promote Muaythai in Australia. Competition through the MTA follows the highest standards for athletes and is focused on the safety of athletes and the sporting side of Muaythai. The MTA is not just a sanctioning body - we represent the sport of Muaythai and the members of the organisation. Our competitions follow the highest standards and the MTA is the only true National Muaythai organisation with rankings, titles, club memberships and access to the Sports Commission.
    • Ability to compete on MTA promotions at any level, anywhere in Australia
    • Eligible for selection in an MTA Australian Team
    • Ability to apply for individual grant's with AusSport for International Competition
    • Be a member of the peak body for Muaythai in Australia
    • Eligibile to be ranked nationally and to compete for MTA and WMC titles
      • All Muaythai competition at any MTA event or MTA sanctioned event for C-B-A class Athletes
      • Insurance worldwide at any IFMA/WMC event
  • CLUB LISTINGS - be recognised as a member for potential students and Muaythai practitioners on the web page club listing. 
  • CREDIBILITY - The MTA brings credibility and professionalism to your CLUB. Our code of conduct/policies and member protection documentation are all on the web page and available to members. This is unmatched in Muaythai in Australia.
  • Ability to access information provided by the MTA on the web page. 
  • Access to experienced Instructors for advice and education regarding Muaythai training and Competition.
  • Be a part of and support the promotion of Muaythai in Australia as a sport for juniors, novices and development pathways for the future.
  • Opportunities for learning to be an official from local shows to international events.
  • Access to great value insurance for your Muaythai club.

Australian Team Opportunities

The MTA, as the peak body for Muaythai selects Australian Teams for participation in international competitions. The most notable being the IFMA World Championships; which are separated into Junior and Adult Championships. Selection is predominately based on winning the MTA National Championships. 

Opportunity also exists for many other international competitions including ASIA Games, University Games and other IFMA Continental Championships. Sport Accord also runs a Combat Sports Games every 2 years that is the peak of competition for Combat Sports. 

As an Olympic recognised sport, Muaythai under the banner of IFMA, provides pathways at all levels to compete internationally. One day - the juniors of today will have the opportunity to compete at the Olympics. 


Please email at for recommendations for your insurance needs. It is better to discuss your requirements and recommend options for your needs. 

Business advice. Running a club is tough. Setting up a club and keeping it going for many years can be very challenging. There is many people in the MTA who can help you. The board members have all been in the industry most of their life and can provide advice on your situation if needed. We can put you in touch with your local rep or forward your question or situation to someone with experience. If you are having a problem, it is likely someone has dealt with it before and may be able to provide direction. We can advise on resources available through the sports commission or just put you in contact with someone that may offer you some ideas or someone to run your ideas past. 

Nick Atkins (MTA President)